UNEP-Norway Partnership Training Resource Library for Reducing Pollution Risks Associated with the Energy Sector

Foundation Course for Reducing Pollution Risks in Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Course overview

What is the aim of the Foundation Course?

Enhance understanding of oil & gas exploration and production and associated environmental management concerns in countries with emerging or fragile oil & gas industries.

What are the learning objectives of the Course?

Participants are expected to:

  • Develop basic knowledge of the key stages of oil & gas exploration and production;
  • Analyze environmental concerns associated at each stage of oil & gas exploration and production;
  • Appreciate the relevance of sound environmental management in the oil & gas sector at the national level;
  • Understand the current global outlook on exploitation of oil & gas resources;
  • Identify basic features of contingency planning for oil spills and accidental gas releases;
  • Familiarize with environmental regulatory and legal frameworks and institutions associated with environmental management of the oil & gas sector; and,
  • Identify and prioritize capacity gaps and needs for strengthening environmental management in oil & gas exploration and production at the national level.

Who is the target audience?

The course may be delivered to a wide audience with beginner-level knowledge on the oil & gas industry. Target audiences may include:

  • Government officials in environmental, energy, or other related ministries or agencies;
  • Environmental advisors from national oil & gas companies and/or service providers;
  • Technical consultants in the field of environmental assessments (environment impact assessments, social impact assessments, strategic environmental assessments, auditing, compliance monitoring, etc), produced water, and waste water management; and,
  • Media personnel and civil society who cover oil & gas operations.

Additional resource materials

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