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UNEP-Norway Partnership Training Resource Library for Reducing Pollution Risks Associated with the Energy Sector


Finding substantial reserves of oil and natural gas offers significant opportunities for the social, economic and political development of any country. However, oil & gas exploitation can also pose significant risks, from major accidents as well as from routine operations that cause serious environmental damage. Without adequate safeguards in place, opportunities brought by oil & gas resources can be wasted.

Under the Oil for Development Programme (now reconstituted as the Energy for Development Programme), the Government of Norway and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) established an 8-year collaboration (2016-2024) to enhance national capacities for improved environmental management in supported countries with emerging or fragile oil & gas sectors.

Based on this collaboration, UNEP developed a comprehensive resource library of training materials aimed at strengthening environmental management in the oil & gas sector. This library is categorized into six training themes, each containing respective presentation slides and group work exercises as well as links to video recordings and supplemental publications. Supplementary content in multiple languages has been added to this library when available. Use the side menu or arrow buttons to navigate through the training themes.


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