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UN Environment – Côte d’Ivoire: Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment

The UN Environment publication on Côte d۪Ivoire Post-Conflict Environment Assessment (PCEA) is a product of years of work and successful collaboration between the UN agency and the Government of Côte d۪Ivoire. It provides analysis covering a wide range of environmental issues known to have been affected by the crisis in the country. This includes national parks, unplanned urban expansion, the mining sector, the environmental degradation of bri̩ Lagoon as well as the risk of oil spill along the country۪’s coastline.

The aim of the PCEA is to offer recommendations on how environmental challenges can be addressed in a manner that would contribute to sustainable development. The assessment۪s findings concludes that measures will have to be unprecedented, visionary and carried out on a large scale to target the risks of future environmental damage. The report proposes a number of strategic and technical recommendations to reach this goal.

Consult the publication here.


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