Mission Report

Joint Mission Report – Maban Camps, Upper Nile State, South Sudan

This Joint Mission Report describes the findings of the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit, UNEP Sudan, UNHCR and OCHA in South Sudan during a mission aiming to operationalize the environment as a cross-cutting issue during protracted crisis situations.

The objective of the mission was to collect and document experiences to formulate a strategy and framework to operationalize the environment as a cross-cutting issue. The mission team observed deforestation near the refugee camps and spoke with both host communities and the refugee groups. Through the application of a landscape approach in managing land and natural resources, the mission concluded there was potential to resolve conflicts and improve harmony among the host communities and the refugee population, and also to reduce environmental degradation in the near future. The mission also concluded that humanitarian financing can be counterproductive to sustainable development (e.g. encourages temporary solutions and short term return on investment).

Consult the report here.

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