Disaster Waste Management Guidelines (DWMG) Online

Disaster Waste Management Phases

Long-Term Actions

This phase includes the implementation of the disaster waste management projects designed in the medium-term phase, as well as continued monitoring and evaluation of the disaster waste situation.

The following main actions should be considered:

  • Develop and implement a communications plan for key stakeholders to ensure the disaster waste management programme is aligned with community expectations and needs.
  • Procure or repair required waste management plant, machinery and equipment.
  • Train waste management operators if required.
  • Support the implementation of disaster waste management systems by supporting waste management operators/operatives or local authorities.
  • Hand over disaster waste management systems into a normalized and improved solid waste management system.

The output of this phase should see all disaster waste addressed either through disposal, incineration, reuse or recycling.


See below for relevant tools and resources.

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