Disaster Waste Management Guidelines (DWMG) Online

Different Types of Waste

Waste in Displacement Camps

Following a disaster, affected communities often seek and arrange informal settlements, or are moved to organised displacement camps. Consequently, various types of wastes can be generated at these camps such as:

  • Organic waste and food waste
  • Packaging materials (non-organic)
  • Excreta
  • Wastes from relief supplies

Displacement camps and shelters of all sizes must be regarded as generators of disaster waste, and consequently be included in general waste management activities. Relief supplies to such camps, e.g. food and shelter items, often result in new kinds of waste in the form of plastic bottles, packaging and foam plates for food distribution. Where no latrine arrangements are available, these foam plates are then used as “field toilets” and packaging for excreta.

Credit: OCHA/Yasmina Guerda
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