USAID – Sector Environmental Guidelines: Healthcare Waste – Full Technical Update, 2019

This document presents one sector – Healthcare Waste – within the Sector Environmental Guidelines (SEGs) prepared for USAID under the Agency’s Global Environmental Management Support (GEMS and GEMS-II) Program and Environmental Compliance Support (ECOS) Contract.

Purpose: The purpose of the SEGs is to support environmentally sound design and management of common USAID sectoral development activities by providing concise, plain-language information regarding:

  • The typical, potential adverse impacts of activities in these sectors;
  • How to prevent or otherwise mitigate these impacts, both in the form of general activity design guidance and specific design, construction, and operating measures;
  • How to minimize the vulnerability of sector activities to climate change; and
  • More detailed resources for further exploration of these issues.


All other SEGs are accessible at: USAID. 2019. Sector Environemntal Guidelines & Resources.

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