Case Study

Mapping the Green Economy: A Case of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Brazil

This latest report on Green Jobs maps the green economy in Brazil, supporting the development of strategies that UNHCR can adopt to further the labour integration of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the country. The study aims at quantifying and locating green jobs in Brazil, understanding the labour situation in the main sectors of Brazil’s green economy, and outlining key strategies for UNHCR.

Additionally, the report also gives a panoramic view of each sector of the Green Economy such as renewable energies, forest production management, recyclable waste pickers. It also provides recommendations on how to better integrate refugees and female migrants into green jobs.

The study is published by the UNHCR, in partnership with the UNEP in Brazil, and is part of the ongoing partnership between UNHCR and UNEP’s global project to strengthen national capacity to address the environmental impacts of humanitarian responses to population displacement.

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