UNICEF: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Environment

An explanation of the links between WASH and Environment by UNICEF Read More

WASH Alliance: Environmental Sustainability in WASH

A collection of environmental sustainability tools by the WASH Alliance Read More

ACF WASH & Environment Position Paper

A paper on environmental preservation, protection and recovery in WASH programs Read More

UN Environment Resource Centre – WASH

A collection of different resources on WASH and environment Read More


A cloud solution for mapping and monitoring the sustainable use of natural resources. Read More

ECLAC Handbook for Estimating the Socio-economic and Environmental Effects of Disasters

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean manual is a tool for identifying and quantifying damages from a disaster, through a uniform methodology. It also provides the elements necessary to identify those social, economic and environmental and geographical regions that have been more concerned and that require priority attention. Read More

UNEP Environmental Needs Assessment in Post-Disaster Situations: A Practical Guide for Implementation

This guidance outlines a post-emergency environmental needs assessment method in order to fully integrate environmental needs within early recovery programming. Read More

Environmental Field Advisor

Environmental Field Advisors (EFA) are technical experts, with varying environmental backgrounds, which may be deployed to assist project implementers with the integration of environmental considerations. Read More

Periodic Monitoring Report guidance

A periodic monitoring report helps Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) regularly examine whether sufficient progress is being made in reaching strategic and cluster objective. Read More

A Note on Environmental Mainstreaming

Environmental mainstreaming is a process by which environmental considerations become part of the existing core work of a predominantly non-environmental sector. This short explanation outlines the mechanisms of environmental mainstreaming and how it typically occurs. Read More

WWF Environment & Disaster Management Program

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Environment and Disaster Management (EDM) program collaborates with humanitarian and development agencies, the United Nations (UN), academic institutions and others to integrate environmental considerations into disaster recovery, reconstruction, and risk reduction programs and policies, and to learn and develop new approaches. Read More

UN Environment – Disasters and Conflict

UN Environments website on Disasters and Conflict Read More

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