FAO Technical Guidelines for the implementation of the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide management

The guidance advises on the implementation of specific aspects of the Code of Conduct concerning pesticides. Specific guidelines on pesticide use, application, prevention and disposal are available. Read More

USAID Sector Environmental Guidelines: Pest Management I: Integrated Pest Management

The document provides guidance on integrated pest management, an approach which encourages natural and cultural control of pest populations by anticipating and managing pest problems, while permitting safer pesticide uses where justified and permitted. Read More

USAID Sector Environmental Guidelines: Pest Management II: Safer Pesticide Use

The document provides guidance on maximizing the safety of pesticide use when such use is unavoidable. Before analyzing the risks and benefits of pesticide use all reasonable Integrated Pest Management alternatives must be analyzed. Read More

Operational Guidelines and Field Manual on Human Rights Protection in Situations of Natural Disaster

These guidelines help people in the field to understand the human rights dimensions of their work in disaster response while giving them practical examples and operational steps about how some of these seemingly abstract concepts may be implemented. Read More

IASC Operational Guidelines on the Protection of Persons in Natural Disasters

The IASC Guidelines promote a rights-based approach in situations of natural disasters by laying out operational guidelines for humanitarian responders Read More

UN Environment: Natural Resources and Conflict – A Guide for Mediation Practitioners

This guide collects and summarizes good practices on the successful mediation of resource conflicts. It draws on the field experiences of mediators and mediation experts, specifically those with natural resource expertise. Read More

Rapid Environmental Assessment in Disasters (REA) Guidelines

The Rapid Environmental Assessment Guidelines are a tool which allow for defining and prioritizing potential environmental impacts during disaster situations. Read More

UNISDR – Words into Action Guide for Man-Made and Technological Hazards

The Words into Action (WiA) Implementation Guide for Man-Made and Technological Hazards made by UNISDR, OCHA and UN Environment. Read More

The Environmental Emergencies Guidelines (second edition)

Guidelines developed by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit to help countries receive and provide international assistance in the event of environmental emergencies. Read More

IAEA – Joint Radiation Emergency Management Plan of International Organizations

The Joint Emergency Management Plan of International Organizations (Joint Plan) describes the inter-agency framework of preparedness for and response to an actual, potential or perceived nuclear or radiological emergency. Read More

Addendum to the OECD Guiding Principles on Natech Risk Management

The second addendum to the OECD Guiding Principles for Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response, which outlines considerations for natural-hazard triggered technological accidents. Read More

IAEA Safety Standard: Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

This safety requirements publications by IAEA aims to strengthen preparedness and response for nuclear or radiological emergencies. Read More

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