IASC/European Commission, The Index for Risk Management (InfoRM)

The Index for Risk Management (InfoRM) published by the European Commission and the Interagency Standing Committee (IASC) is a composite indicator that identifies the countries at a high risk of humanitarian crisis that are more likely to require international assistance. Core indicators have been chosen to respond to changes in the environment, among other factors. Read More

Yale, The Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) published by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy ranks 180 countries on 24 performance indicators across ten issue categories covering environmental health and ecosystem vitality. Read More

The Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI)

The Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI) uses multiple smart indicators to estimate the vulnerability of the environment of a country to future shocks. Read More

UNESCO, Environment and Culture

A collection of publications on environment and culture published by UNESCO. Read More

World Bank Country Environmental Analyses

A collection of country environmental analyses by the World Bank Read More

UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR)

A collection of UNECE's environmental performance reviews Read More

IFRC, Public Awareness and Public Education for Disaster Risk Reduction

IFRC's Public Awareness and Public Education for Disaster Risk Reduction "PAPE" provides guidance on risk communication. Read More

Environmental Legislation on Disaster Risk Management

Guidance on legal and policy framework from across the world along with special reference to the Indian legal framework and disaster management guidelines Read More

Environment in Emergency Response Preparedness

Environment in Emergency Response Preparedness outlines the minimum and advanced environmental preparedness actions that can be taken as part of overall Emergency Response Preparedness (ERP), and follows the Inter-Agency Standing Committee guidance on ERP. Read More

UN Environment/ OCHA Joint Unit, Integration of Environmental Emergencies in Preparedness and Contingency Planning

This study done by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit identifies areas for improving linkages between environmental emergency response, contingency planning and preparedness and how to best integrate these within the overall disaster risk reduction agenda Read More

Aligning Budgets for Implementing Environmental Compliance Safeguards in USAID Development Food Assistance Programs

The toolkit provides advice on developing and refining budgets to ensure that environmental compliance requirements are identified early in project design and incorporated throughout the project cycle. The toolkit guides users in identifying resources required, integrating environmental planning with project budgets, and ensuring transparency of budgets. Read More


A cloud solution for mapping and monitoring the sustainable use of natural resources. Read More

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