Protection in Natural Disasters

The Brookings Bern Project on Internal Displacement paper discusses differences and similarities in the protection of people affected by natural disasters and by conflict, delineates some of the obstacles to effective protection, and describes a framework for protection response, the Inter Agency Standing Committee's Operational Guidelines on Human Rights in Natural Disasters. Read More

Age, Gender and Diversity in UNHCR operations

How UNHCR covers Age, Gender and Diversity. Provides valuable follow up information on topics indirectly related to environmental factors. Read More

UNISDR Background Paper on Disaster Risk Reduction as integral objective of environment related policies and plans

This background paper published by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) highlights the need for integrating disaster risk reduction (DRR) in environmental initiatives and policies. It promotes the synergies between DRR, land use planning, natural resource management and climate change adaptation. Read More

ScienceDirect – Role of Women in Disaster Risk Governance

This study explores the role women play in disaster risk governance and identifies a variety of social, cultural and legal factors which may limit these roles. Read More

UN Food and Agriculture Organization – Energy Needs in Humanitarian Settings

The work of the UN's Food and Agriculture organization in partnership with SAFE to provide clean energy in refugee settings. Read More

The Sidelined Cross-Cutting Issue: Mainstreaming Environment into the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster

A masters thesis examining the the current state of environmental mainstreaming in humanitarian assistance with the aim to identify the main barriers hindering the systematic integration of environmental concerns. Read More

Wetlands International – Water Shocks: Wetlands and Human Migration in the Sahel

A Wetlands International report on the situation of wetlands and human migration in the Sahel. Read More

OCHA – Myanmar Initial Flood Response Plan; August to December 2015

The 2015 Myanmar's Initial Flood Response Plan by OCHA, which called for $75.5 million to cover the needs of over 580,000 people in six regions that were affected by floods in summer of 2015. Read More

Heat, Light and Power for Refugee – Saving Lives, Reducing Costs

Chatham House Report for the Moving Energy Initiative. Read More

UNHCR, The Environment & Climate Change Report

A UNHCR publication covering topics such as the impacts of climate change on displacement, climate change, armed conflict as well as the role and challenges of the work of UNHCR. Read More

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit – Past Activity Report 2015-2017

Compilation of past activities from the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit from 2015 to 2017. Read More

The Quantification of Low-Probability / High-Consequences Events: Part I

A study presenting a novel, generic, multi-risk framework based on the sequential Monte Carlo Method (MCM) to allow for a straightforward and flexible implementation of hazard interactions, which may occur in a complex system. Read More

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