Regional Wildland Fire Networks (Global Wildland Fire Network)

16 regional networks which allow actors to share knowledge, expertise and resources regarding wildfire management. Read More

Global Wildland Fire Information System

An online repository on fire management information run by the Global Fire Monitoring Centre. It provides policy advising & formulation services and offers information for high-level political activities. Read More

Global Wildland Fire Early Warning System

Global Fire Monitoring Center provides an Early Warning System to identify critical time periods of extreme fire danger. This warning system enables communities to prevent and mitigate the dangers of wildland fires before they occur. Read More

Establishment and services of Regional Fire Management Resource Centers

Regional centers run by the Global Fire Monitoring Center, which provides capacity building services and advisory support to hosting countries. Read More

National Round Tables on Fire Management

Planning instrument for fire management at national level offered by the Global Fire Monitoring Center and the Regional Wildland Fire Networks. Read More

Participatory (community-based) Fire Management

Guidelines and a portal by the Global Fire Monitoring Center which aims to integrate community-level action into wildfire preparedness, prevention & response. Read More

Biodiversity and protected areas during wildland fires

Tools provided by the Global Fire Monitoring Center which aim to build the capacity of actors to conserve biodiversity and protected areas during wildfires. Read More

International support tools / services for wildfire emergency response

The preparedness and response tools for wildland fires made available by the Global Fire Monitoring Center. Read More

International and Regional Advisory Services For Fire Management

International and regional advisory services provided by the Global Fire Monitoring Centre and the Global Wildland Fire Network, which offer thematic support for international bodies to devise, design and implement fire management programmes. Read More

UNISDR Background Paper on Disaster Risk Reduction as integral objective of environment related policies and plans

This background paper published by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) highlights the need for integrating disaster risk reduction (DRR) in environmental initiatives and policies. It promotes the synergies between DRR, land use planning, natural resource management and climate change adaptation. Read More

2018 JRP for Rohingya Humanitarian Crises

The Rohingya Humanitarian Crises highlights the close link between protection and environmental factors. The chapter on protection calls for protection planning that takes into account environmental factors. Read More

Rapid Environmental Assessment in Disasters (REA) Guidelines

The Rapid Environmental Assessment Guidelines are a tool which allow for defining and prioritizing potential environmental impacts during disaster situations. Read More

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