UN, Environment and Humanitarian Action in the Age of Global Reform Agendas

This summary is based on previous studies and work conducted by the UN Environment / OCHA Joint Unit and its partners related to integrating environment in humanitarian action. It outlines major humanitarian trends that will shape the future integration of environmental considerations in humanitarian action. Read More

IUCN, Ecosystems, Livelihoods and Disasters: An Integrated Approach to Disaster Risk Management

This publication by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) outlines the role of ecosystems in the reduction of natural hazard and disaster risk. Read More

UN Environment, Environment and Disaster Risk: Emerging Perspectives

This discussion paper by UN Environment addresses the complexity of risk between environment and human societies. Read More

OECD Environmental Country Reviews

A collection of OECD's environmental country reviews Read More

UNESCO, Environment and Culture

A collection of publications on environment and culture published by UNESCO. Read More

World Bank Country Environmental Analyses

A collection of country environmental analyses by the World Bank Read More

UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR)

A collection of UNECE's environmental performance reviews Read More

Environmental Legislation on Disaster Risk Management

Guidance on legal and policy framework from across the world along with special reference to the Indian legal framework and disaster management guidelines Read More

UN Environment/ OCHA Joint Unit, Integration of Environmental Emergencies in Preparedness and Contingency Planning

This study done by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit identifies areas for improving linkages between environmental emergency response, contingency planning and preparedness and how to best integrate these within the overall disaster risk reduction agenda Read More

Sustainable Logistics – Best Practices from the Global Compact

The document summarizes best sustainable logistics practices from the ten largest logistics companies and from other transportation businesses that have committed to the Global Compact principles. Read More

Cash Transfer Programming – Implications and Opportunities

Report by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit which explores how the expansion of cash-based humanitarian responses introduces new opportunities and issues in the interaction between humanitarianism and environment. Read More

USAID Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) for Phosphone Fumigation of Stored Agricultural Commodity

The Fumigation PEA establishes a clear approach to manage health and environmental risks for actors that plan to undertake phosphine fumigation in a warehouse setting. Read More

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