ACF WASH & Environment Position Paper

A paper on environmental preservation, protection and recovery in WASH programs Read More

The Multi-cluster Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA)

The Multi-cluster Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA) is a joint needs assessment tool that provides a process for collecting and analyzing information on affected people and their needs to inform strategic response planning. Read More

ECLAC Handbook for Estimating the Socio-economic and Environmental Effects of Disasters

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean manual is a tool for identifying and quantifying damages from a disaster, through a uniform methodology. It also provides the elements necessary to identify those social, economic and environmental and geographical regions that have been more concerned and that require priority attention. Read More

UNEP Environmental Needs Assessment in Post-Disaster Situations: A Practical Guide for Implementation

This guidance outlines a post-emergency environmental needs assessment method in order to fully integrate environmental needs within early recovery programming. Read More

WWF: Building Back Safer and Greener

Nepal Earthquake Read More

The Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR)

PEDRR is a global partnership comprised of UN agencies, international and regional NGOs as well as specialist institutes that collectively aim to influence policy, enhance implementation and better coordinate efforts in environmental management for disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihoods. Read More

UNCBD Voluntary guidelines for the design and effective implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

UN Convention on Biodiversity comprehensive guidelines for the design and effective implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, including opportunities for the humanitarian sector Read More

UNDP Climate and Disaster Resilience

A collection of resources on disaster and climate risk reduction by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Read More

GADRRRES: List of Resources for DRR in the Education Sector

The Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES) published resources and guidance for implementing the three Comprehensive School Safety Framework pillars (Safe Learning Facilities, School Disaster Management, and Risk Reduction and Resilience Education) Read More

Green Recovery & Reconstruction Toolkit: Training Toolkit for Humanitarian Aid (GRRT)

The GRRT is a toolkit and training program designed to increase awareness and knowledge of environmentally responsible disaster response approaches. Read More

Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI)

The Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI) is a global partnership composed of 15 UN and non-UN organizations that works towards strengthening countries' capacities to prevent, manage and recover from the impact of disasters. Read More

Regional Wildland Fire Networks (Global Wildland Fire Network)

16 regional networks which allow actors to share knowledge, expertise and resources regarding wildfire management. Read More

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