Checklist for integrating energy in the Humanitarian Programme Cycle

Builds on experiences with the implementation of Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) and SAFE-related projects to guide the Cluster Coordination team and partners on how to integrate energy in all phases of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle. Steps are outlined for each of the HPC. Read More

UNEP: Key Things to Know About Environment as “Cross Cutting” Issue in Early Recovery

This brief UN Environment note provides an overview of key environmental considerations for early recovery actors, including a short cluster-specific checklist. Read More

Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL) tip sheet

Sudan Crisis Read More

FAO: Food Security and the Environment

Key facts on the links between food security and the environment by FAO. Read More

ICRAF (World Agroforestry) – Agroforestry with refugees in Uganda

This project aims to develop agroforestry models for tree products to meet the growing energy, construction and food needs of Ugandan refugees and locals. Read More

Moving Energy Initiative – The Costs of Fuelling Humanitarian Aid

Chatham House report on the assessment of energy use by humanitarian organizations and aid operations. Read More

UN Food and Agriculture Organization – Energy Needs in Humanitarian Settings

The work of the UN's Food and Agriculture organization in partnership with SAFE to provide clean energy in refugee settings. Read More

IAEA Safety Standard: Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

This safety requirements publications by IAEA aims to strengthen preparedness and response for nuclear or radiological emergencies. Read More

Heat, Light and Power for Refugee – Saving Lives, Reducing Costs

Chatham House Report for the Moving Energy Initiative. Read More

UNHCR, The Environment & Climate Change Report

A UNHCR publication covering topics such as the impacts of climate change on displacement, climate change, armed conflict as well as the role and challenges of the work of UNHCR. Read More

OCHA – Linking Humanitarian and Nuclear Response Systems

A case study provided by the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on the linkage between Humanitarian and Nuclear Response Systems. Read More

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Mission Report – 2008 Zanzibar Power Outage Zanzibar

This mission report describes a deployment by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint unit following a power outage in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Read More

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