WHO – Chemical Releases Caused by Natural Hazard Events and Disasters

Guidelines and information to planners in the health sector and to public health authorities seeking to learn more about chemical releases resulting from natural hazard events. Read More

The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) 2.0

The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) is a tool which helps identify existing or potential acute environmental impacts that pose risks for humans, human life-support functions and ecosystems, following sudden-onset natural disasters. Read More

FAO Technical Guidelines for the implementation of the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide management

The guidance advises on the implementation of specific aspects of the Code of Conduct concerning pesticides. Specific guidelines on pesticide use, application, prevention and disposal are available. Read More

USAID Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) for Phosphone Fumigation of Stored Agricultural Commodity

The Fumigation PEA establishes a clear approach to manage health and environmental risks for actors that plan to undertake phosphine fumigation in a warehouse setting. Read More

USAID Sector Environmental Guidelines: Pest Management I: Integrated Pest Management

The document provides guidance on integrated pest management, an approach which encourages natural and cultural control of pest populations by anticipating and managing pest problems, while permitting safer pesticide uses where justified and permitted. Read More

USAID Sector Environmental Guidelines: Pest Management II: Safer Pesticide Use

The document provides guidance on maximizing the safety of pesticide use when such use is unavoidable. Before analyzing the risks and benefits of pesticide use all reasonable Integrated Pest Management alternatives must be analyzed. Read More

PAX for Peace – Living Under a Black Sky

Living under a black sky۪ reveals how the conflict in Iraq has left a toxic trail of destruction which could have severe health consequences for communities and reconstruction efforts. Read More

IChemE – Loss Prevention Bulletin

The Loss Prevention Bulletin (LPB) provided by the Institute of Chemical Engineers, publishing bimonthly case studies sharing industry experience on industrial hazards and accidents. Read More

IOMC – Toolbox for Decision Making In Chemicals Management

The IOMC Internet-based Toolbox for Decision Making in Chemicals Management (IOMC Toolbox) aims at providing assistance to countries who wish to address specific national issues regarding chemicals management. Read More

Armenia, Chemical Fire – FEAT used to assess damages of chemical fire in Armenia

Chemical risks assessment highlighting risks and prevention measures following a chemical fire in Armenia. Read More

The Inter-Agency Coordination Group Brochure on Industrial and Chemical Accidents

This brochure presents the specific work of international organizations and institutions regarding the prevention, preparedness and response to chemical and industrial accidents. Read More

PAX – Scorched Earth and Charred Lives

A report by PAX for Peace regarding Syria۪s oil industry, the rise of makeshift oil refining and the issues arising from these practices. Read More

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