UNEP – Managing post-disaster debris: the Japan experience

A report conducted by the UNEP regarding the international expert mission to Japan targeting the management of post-disaster debris. Read More

HLCM Procurement Network – Greening the Blue

Greening the Blue is a resource center for sustainable procurement action providing information and guidelines on procurement efforts in the UN, created by the HLCM Procurement Network.The resource center offers assistance to procurers and requisitioners regarding sustainable procurement. T Read More

ICLEI – Sustainable Procurement Platform

The Sustainable Procurement Platform is a resource center that provides tools and guidelines for sustainable procurement efforts managed by the ICLEI. The platform offers assistance for public and private sector organisations to implement sustainable, innovative, circular or strategic procurement. Read More

E-waste (light bulbs and lamps)

This guidance explains how to deal with light bulbs and lamps in operations (reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose) Read More

E-waste (batteries)

This guidance explains how to deal with batteries in operations (reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose) Read More

Green Guide to Materials and the Supply Chain

This training module is concerned with construction materials and procurement. It describes how to use fewer materials, how to use local sources of materials in a sustainable way, and the use of disaster debris and recycled items as building material. Read More

Sustainable Logistics – Best Practices from the Global Compact

The document summarizes best sustainable logistics practices from the ten largest logistics companies and from other transportation businesses that have committed to the Global Compact principles. Read More

Logistics Operational Guide – Green Logistics guidance

The guide introduces logisticians to green logistics, encouraging them to think in "green" terms and highlighting the challenges and advantages. The site provides guidance on environmental best practice for the logistics cluster. Read More

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