Moving Energy Initiative (MEI) – Innovative Financing for Humanitarian Energy Interventions

This paper explores the increase in resources and funding needed to improve the access of displaced people to modern and sustainable energy services. Read More

NRC: The Ecological Impact of Refugee/Returnee Programmes

An Norwegian Refugee Council evaluation report on the ecological impacts of refugee programs and actions taken to mitigate such impacts. Read More

Aligning Budgets for Implementing Environmental Compliance Safeguards in USAID Development Food Assistance Programs

The toolkit provides advice on developing and refining budgets to ensure that environmental compliance requirements are identified early in project design and incorporated throughout the project cycle. The toolkit guides users in identifying resources required, integrating environmental planning with project budgets, and ensuring transparency of budgets. Read More

Flash Appeal guidance and templates

A flash appeal includes a concise, top-line analysis of the scope and severity of the humanitarian crisis and sets out priority actions and preliminary requirements for the response. Read More

Humanitarian Response Plan template

A humanitarian response plan communicates the strategy to respond to the assessed needs and serves as the basis for implementing and monitoring the collective response. Read More

Environmental Field Advisor

Environmental Field Advisors (EFA) are technical experts, with varying environmental backgrounds, which may be deployed to assist project implementers with the integration of environmental considerations. Read More

UNHCR Environmental Guidelines

Key environmental considerations in UNHCR's operations Read More

Terms of Reference (ToR) Environmental Field Advisor

The Terms of Reference for Environmental Field Advisors describe the main tasks of a deployed Environmental Field Advisor. Read More

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