Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL)

The Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL) Programme aims to reduce industrial risks at local level, raise awareness and build local capacity to respond to emergencies. Read More

IUCN, Ecosystems, Livelihoods and Disasters: An Integrated Approach to Disaster Risk Management

This publication by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) outlines the role of ecosystems in the reduction of natural hazard and disaster risk. Read More

OECD Environmental Country Reviews

A collection of OECD's environmental country reviews Read More

UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR)

A collection of UNECE's environmental performance reviews Read More

Environmental Legislation on Disaster Risk Management

Guidance on legal and policy framework from across the world along with special reference to the Indian legal framework and disaster management guidelines Read More

UNDP Climate and Disaster Resilience

A collection of resources on disaster and climate risk reduction by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Read More

FAO Technical Guidelines for the implementation of the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide management

The guidance advises on the implementation of specific aspects of the Code of Conduct concerning pesticides. Specific guidelines on pesticide use, application, prevention and disposal are available. Read More

OCHA – Guidelines for Developing a National Environmental Contingency Plan

Guidelines for the development of a national environmental contingency plan provided by UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit (JEU). Read More

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